Athlete Shares The Secrets Behind Setting 26 World Records

Athlete Shares The Secrets Behind Setting 26 World Records

The Training Evolution of a World Champion Bench Press Specialist with Dennis Cieri

Live Conversation, 2/22/18:  Click link to get your free pass at Powerlifting University!!


Tune in to this one hour conversation on 2/21/18.  Dennis Cieri holds the IPF Open World Bench Press Record in the 93 kilo (205lbs) weight class with 233kg (514lbs) at 48 years young. Which is his 26th World Record.

He is undefeated in Raw Bench Press for 30 consecutive years, and the heaviest man in the IPF to bench press 2.5 times his body weight. He has been drug tested close to 100 times over the past 30 years.

Dennis is one of 15 of the world’s strongest and smartest powerlifting athletes asked to open up their bag of tricks so you can learn whatever it takes to take your lifts to a higher level.

By attending this summit, you will learn proven methods and effective strategies to lift more weight, build more muscle and how to finally set big PR’s (even if you’re just starting out).

Each speaker will open their playbook of what works to put more pounds on your total today.

This exclusive online event will radically change your training FOREVER. This is the ultimate shortcut to skyrocket your lifts.  Are you in?

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