Casein Protein Benefits

Proper supplementation should continue past the workout. SSP's LEAN MUSCLE MEAL-Workout formula is a low calorie, lean muscle stimulator that contains vital time-released nutrients which open the anabolic window for the body. What this means is that your body continues to build muscle for hours past the workout. 

Slow-Digesting Protein

One of casein protein's main benefits is its digestion speed. Casein is a slow-digesting protein and can take up to seven hours to digest, according to nutritionist Aaron Cattell on the fitness training school website, Ludus Magnus. While you may want a fast-digesting protein after a gym session to quickly replenish your muscles' energy stores, casein's slower digesting speed makes it a better choice for a pre-bed snack because it will keep your stomach from rumbling through the night.

Muscle and Might

When building muscle mass, adequate protein intake is vital to aid growth and recovery. A study published in "Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise" in 2004 found that subjects who ingested 20 grams of casein after a resistance workout had increased muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein net balance, both of which are beneficial for muscle growth. A positive muscle protein net balance means your body is synthesizing more muscle than it's breaking down.

Improve Your Weight Loss Efforts

Protein and protein supplements tend to be associated with gaining weight and building muscle mass, but a study published in a 2009 edition of "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" suggested that casein may also aid weight loss. Two diets were compared -- one in which 10 percent of energy intake came from casein and another in which 25 percent came from casein. The 25 percent casein diet showed an increase in energy expenditure and satiety. The researchers concluded that an increased casein intake could be beneficial in managing weight and improving body composition.

SSP's LEAN MUSCLE MEAL-Workout formula is designed for the period where one workout ends and another begins, this is known as the growth phase. During this phase the muscles are in the process of utilizing protein to repair muscle fiber while also replenishing any glycogen not already replaced with the SSP POST-Workout formula. Carbohydrate and protein consumption is important during this time in order to maintain optimal muscle growth. While many people mistake taking a high level of protein immediately after the workout, the growth phase is the time where high protein consumption is best. Taking in a whey/caseinated protein blend along with carbohydrates during this phase keeps the muscles in a prolonged anabolic state, restores muscle glycogen, repairs muscle damage, and leads to synthesis of new muscles. 

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