Dennis Cieri announced as speaker at this years 2017 Power-lifting University Summit!

Dennis Cieri announced as speaker at this years 2017 Power-lifting University Summit!

20+ World’s Best Athletes and Powerlifting Coaches Show You How to Gain More Strength, Grow More Muscle and Put More Pounds On Your Total!

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What do you do when your program isn't working?

Do you do a deload and hope for the best after your deload week?

Do you switch exercises and spend a few weeks figuring out the right weights to use?

Or something else?

Think about it.

How about you get the answer from a guy that holds the IPF Open World Bench Press Record in the 93 kilo (205lbs) weight class with 233kg (514lbs).

Which is his 26th World Record, at 48 years old by the way.

He is undefeated in Raw Bench Press for 30 consecutive years, and the heaviest man in the IPF to bench press 2.5 Xs his body weight.

He also has been drug tested close to 100 times over the past 30 years.

Talk about an impressive resume...

I'm proud to present you Dennis Cieri!

Dennis will talk about what to do when your program isn't working.

Talk about learning from the best!

Check out when Dennis is presenting, and the complete agenda here:

I hope to see you there amigo.

PS. Dennis is also head honcho of SSP Nutrition. A supplements company that's specifically geared towards drug tested athletes. 

All their stuff is WADA & IOC compliant and manufactured at a NSF certified facility.

And we have a special deal for everyone who registered for the summit and an even awesomer deal for people who have upgraded to the all access pass.

PPS. There's still time to upgrade to the all access pass at the lowest price it will be. Check out the details here:

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