Desire, Education, & the Pursuit of Strength!

Desire, Education, & the Pursuit of Strength!

These Iron Sisters showed up at the 2017 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals in Orlando and did not disappoint!

  Iron Sisters™ is for ANY woman who is seeking to gain knowledge and insight into how she can get better on and off the platform

SSP Nutrition is a Proud Sponsor of Iron Sisters USA 


Drug-Free World Champions 

Jennifer Thompson with Dennis Cieri, founder & President of SSP Nutrition

Jennifer Thompson: First Place, Unofficial WR and AR bench press with 314.5 and total of 1081 and best master's lifter of the meet!

Kimberly Walford: First Place, AR in the squat 414 lbs, Unofficial WR and AR in the deadlift 542.3 lbs and Unofficial WR and AR in the total 1210.34 lbs and Best Lifter of the meet!

Bonica Lough: First Place, Unofficial WRs and ARs in the squat 601.89 lbs, and bench 334 lbs.  Bonica is the only American to win the IPF Classic and Equipped in one year!

About Iron Sisters USA:

The primary focus of Iron Sisters USA is to conduct powerlifting seminars across the United States for women of all stages in their powerlifting career.  Iron Sisters™ Strength Camp was founded in 2013 by Frances Manias as the premier educational organization for women desiring both knowledge and hands on learning in pursuit of their strength goals. It quickly evolved into a seminar that not only focused on those strength pursuits, but how to apply that knowledge in training and competition for the sport of powerlifting. From familiarization with the basic principles of the sport of powerlifting to understanding the relationship between biomechanics and powerlifting technique.  
To assist powerlifting coaches, training partners, and/or fitness enthusiast, Iron Sisters™ also offers the “sideline coach” opportunity as well at camps. It is a chance for them to experience the strength camp from an observer’s perspective. 
In 2017, Iron Sisters USA (ISU) was born – a partnering with Frances Manias and three of the strongest women in the powerlifting world:
  • Bonica Lough
  • Jennifer Thompson
  • Kimberly Walford
Bonica, Jennifer, and Kimberly are each multiple time World Champions, bringing collectively almost fifty years of powerlifting experience to the Iron Sisters USA seminars. Additionally, because of established relationships in the powerlifting community, IronSisters USA has been able to establish a network of experienced powerlifting coaches to assist at Iron Sisters USA powerlifting seminars. 
Past seminars have included coaches such as Donovan Thompson, Tim Anderson, and Marisa Inda. IronSisters USA seminars are conducted on a quarterly basis in regionally geographic locations across the U.S. Previous camps have been carried out in states such as Nebraska, California, South Carolina, New York, and California. Furthermore, for 2018 Iron Sisters USA has already begun planning seminars in Texas and Wisconsin.  ISU is kicking off our first co-ed camp at Texas Strength Systems in San Antonio sponsored by SBD USA. We will be there the weekend of January 19-21st Registration is open for this event at Early bird pricing is $495 for the weekend; we are offering a pay half now and pay the other half by Jan. 1st.
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