It isn't only about the IRON.  Planning your recovery is critical to building lean muscle and getting stronger.

Life Time Drug-free, IPF World Champion Dennis Cieri enjoying down-time during the Thanksgiving holiday.

You have been consistently hitting the gym...HARD... and busting it out in your training.  Be Aware:  spending hours lifting, day in and day out, might actually stall your progress. Recovery and rest are essential parts of your strength and conditioning.  Most coaches and trainers would argue it is equal or more important than the lifting itself. Recovery must occur before progress can be made. 

Show Time:  Dennis sets for another record!

After breaking down your muscles, it is imperative to consume a POST-Workout Formula to immediately scavenge free radicals, repair your damaged muscle cells and enhance your growth potential during this critical and short lived “anabolic window”. 

Don’t leave your body in worse condition. Using proper nutrition repairs damaged muscles and replenishes muscle glycogen stores. Seize the moment! Protect, Replenish & Repair your body with Hydrolyzed-Whey Protein, Creatine HCl, & Leucine, the pre-eminent amino acid which restarts the anabolic process, increases insulin levels to trigger greater protein absorption and shuts down catabolism.

You are not finished yet. Proper supplementation should continue past the workout. The SSP Nutrition LEAN MUSCLE MEAL-Workout Formula is a low calorie, lean muscle stimulator that contains vital time-released nutrients which open the anabolic window for the body. Muscles maintain remarkable growth potential long after a workout. 

SSP’s LEAN MUSCLE MEAL is the perfect meal following your workout, morning shake, or night time snack. Fuel your body with this low-calorie, lean muscle stimulator and watch your body regenerate and recover faster than you ever thought possible!

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