Harness the Power of Leucine, the Most Anabolic BCAA, & Transform Your Body!

Harness the Power of Leucine, the Most Anabolic BCAA, & Transform Your Body!

SSP Packs 2.5g of Leucine in the SSP PRE, POST & Lean Muscle Meal Formulas!  

There are nine essential amino acids that our bodies need but cannot produce organically. As a result, we must receive them from a dietary source. The branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine, have received the most attention as bodybuilding and strength supplements. They are unique because they are the only amino acids burned by muscles as fuel; thus, both blood and muscle levels of BCAAs decrease after exercise. Making up about one-third of muscle protein, they are released from skeletal muscle and broken down during exercise and injury to be used for energy and tissue repair.

An overwhelming body of evidence indicates that increasing leucine intake can have multiple benefits:

  • Provides vital building blocks for muscle protein
  • Activates key events in the complex process of protein synthesis
  • Augments and accelerates fat loss
  • Improves body composition
  • Corrects metabolic disturbances such as elevated glucose and cholesterol levels

The more we learn about leucine, the more we understand its key role in muscle growth. The Workout Canister Set by SSP Nutrition is comprised of both the PRE and POST Workout formulas. It packs a double punch of the highly anabolic leucine. Jeff S. Volek, Ph.D., R.D. Nutritionexpress.com explains, “Researchers have known about leucine for decades, but exciting new research has shed a new and broader light on this important health-promoting amino acid. Much of protein’s benefits may be attributable to leucine due to its ability to stimulate protein synthesis, help turn on the body’s switch to build muscle and spare muscle when dieting.”

The PRE-Workout Formula by SSP Nutrition provides safe and natural supplementation to hydrate, enhance energy levels and prevent burning coveted muscle during workouts. The PRE-Workout formula keeps the athlete hydrated to maintain lower body temperatures and postpone fatigue. This results in maximum workout periods with greater intensity. The PRE-Workout formula is loaded with a 5g mega-dose of BCAAs, including 2.5g of leucine. Research has also shown that taking essential amino acids before a workout dramatically increases muscle protein synthesis and anabolism.

The SSP Nutrition’s PRE-Workout Formula offers a sizable dose of leucine, the most important and anabolic amino acid when it comes to building lean muscle. This mega amount of amino acids at the pre-workout stage creates an anabolic/anti-catabolic environment. This sets the stage for a faster recovery by halting cellular breakdown and slowing the breakdown of protein, making it easier to put on new muscle. It helps with: the regulation of blood-sugar levels, the growth of muscle tissue, growth hormone production, wound healing and energy regulation. Leucine is by far, the most anabolic of all BCAAs, proven to prevent muscle protein breakdown and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

The POST-Workout Formula by SSP Nutrition is designed to be taken immediately after physical activity, and is perhaps the most crucial time for your body in regards to supplementation. In fact, research has shown that not utilizing nutrition after a workout leaves your body in worse shape than if you had never even exercised. Using proper nutrition repairs damaged muscles and replenishes muscle glycogen stores. Within this window muscle cells are in an anabolic state, and experts conclusively agree that post-workout nutrients are critical to the day’s nutrition.

In order to increase recovery and repair muscles effectively, the body must synthesize protein, which is best triggered by glycogen replenishment. Many athletes make the mistake of taking protein-heavy supplements immediately after a workout. This is simply ineffective. Without an insulin spike and glycogen replenishment protein synthesis cannot occur. In fact, the most important macronutrient to take immediately after a workout is carbohydrates. Numerous studies have shown that in order to receive the greatest recovery an athlete should take a 3:1 carbohydrate/protein ratio sports drink immediately after a workout.

SSP Nutrition’s POST-Workout Formula immediately scavenges free radicals, repairs muscle cells and enhances growth potential during this short lived “anabolic window.” With yet another 2.5g dose of leucine, the POST restarts the anabolic process, increases insulin levels using chelated chromium to trigger greater protein absorption and shuts down catabolism leading to the highly coveted lean muscle growth!


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