A New Face Has Entered the World Power-Lifting Stage; Success Using SSP Nutrition Products

Kloie Doublin, 17 year old power-lifter resides in Indiana


4 World Records in Power-Lifting

5 International Gold Medals. 

World Records include a 168.5kg/371.5lb squat; 200.5kg/442lb deadlift; and 476.5kg/1,050lb total which was both a

Subjunior (18- years of age) and Junior (19-23 years of age) World Record. 

Kloie Doublin with Trainer Jeremey Hartman, owner of @HartmanPerformanceTraining

RECENT VICTORY:  Won age and weight class (Subjunior 18-, 72kg) with above lifts at the International Powerlifting

Federation’s World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Minsk, Belarus.  To qualify, Kloie, had to win the USA Powerlifting’s National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia in October of 2016.  

"Given my performance at Worlds last month, I am bringing some major heat to the entire 72kg weight class on both National and International platforms... In the Open Division (all age groups)"

Kloie is projected to be in the top 5 in all of the 72kg division as an 18 year old!  "My lifts keep

showing improvement, and I plan on working my way to the top of the class within the next couple years". 

USING SSP PRODUCTS:  "The first time I tried SSP products, I was out of pre-workout before the World Classic Bench Press Championship in Killeen, TX and was offered SSP's *always clean!*, WADA compliant product while in the warm up area. I am typically not one to change things up right before competition, but since I was out of my own, I decided I would try your pre-workout right then. I ended up having the best benches I have ever had in a meet: super solid and super fast. In addition, I loved the taste and wanted to add the supplements into my next cycle. I ended up using them all the way through my training for Worlds and prefer them much more than my typical Collegiate Muscle Milk that I used in the past. In addition, I love that everything I am putting in my body has been drug tested. The post workout and lean mixture always refuel me right after my workout and hold me over if I cannot have a meal readily available.  Thank you for making such great products!!"

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