Powerlifter Discovers Optimal Nutrition Formula to Optimize Gains

Powerlifter Discovers Optimal Nutrition Formula to Optimize Gains

Finally Found the Right Formula to Increase my Strength!!

A USA Powerlifting competitor, 50 years young Robin Figelman, a Townsend Harris HS Physical Education Teacher in NY and Queens College Adjunct Professor, has been in search of the right supplement blend that delivers the critical nutrients her body requires during and after intense workouts, and is compliant with the WADA drug testing "prohibited list"  https://www.wada-ama.org/sites/default/files/resou...

"After trying many pre workout supplements on the market I finally have found the products that work for me.  The SSP PRE Workout Formula gives me that edge to get through the hard grind".  http://www.sspnutrition.com/products/ssp-nutrition...

The Results Are In!!

"This picture shows my 192 lbs squat at the low weight of 126 and at the age of 50. I took first place in the Masters Division on October 28 in the USA-Powerlifting South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club meet". 

"Using The SSP POST Workout Formula http://www.sspnutrition.com/products/ssp-nutrition... makes my recovery so much faster and the SSP Lean Muscle Meal Protein helps me rebuild, gain lean muscle, and stabilizes my weight.  http://www.sspnutrition.com/lean-muscle-meal-canis...


I highly recommend SSP Nutrition"!

Robin Figelman


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