Sport Drug-Testing Programs Hold Athletes Strictly Liable For All Prohibited Substances Found During A Drug Test

The athlete is responsible no matter how a banned substance makes its way into the body. Athletes must take great care to ensure that what they eat and ingest will not put them in jeopardy of a positive drug test. Dietary supplement information is especially important for athletes to consider.

Anti-doping agencies and sport leagues commonly provide supplement information to athletes that includes warnings. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) advisory to athletes reads, “Extreme caution is recommended regarding supplement use. The use of dietary supplements by athletes is a concern because in many countries the manufacturing and labeling of supplements may not follow strict rules, which may lead to a supplement containing an undeclared substance that is prohibited under anti-doping regulations. A significant number of positive tests have been attributed to the misuse of supplements and taking a poorly labeled dietary supplement is not an adequate defense in a doping hearing.”

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