SSP Expands Wholesale & Direct-to-Consumer Channels with APG

SSP Expands Wholesale & Direct-to-Consumer Channels with APG


Company Bio:

American Power Gear (APG) was created in 2013 to act as both a management company and distribution partner to North American Health & Fitness consumer product manufacturers. APG has helped its partners establish wholesale and direct-to-consumer distribution channels in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and North America. In addition, APG also manages a number of Health & Fitness brands marketing campaigns and EXPO needs.

In 2016, APG launched an e-commerce platform ( to increase its partners direct-to-consumer sales in both North America and Europe. American Power Gear is fortunate to represent and distribute some of the finest Health & Fitness products in today’s market.


The SSP & APG Relationship:

American Power Gear was fortunate to meet the SSP Team at a powerlifting competition in Orlando, Florida. Like most “love at first sight” experiences, it was the look that attracted us first, and immediately, we were mesmerized by SSP’s clean product packaging. We knew that this brand, though new, had a strong foundation and loyal following based on all the spectators and athletes wearing their green “SSP” t-shirts. We set out to figure out what this was all about and most importantly, who SSP was.

American Power Gear has been fortunate to represent and distribute two of the top brands in the Powerlifting space: Inzer Advance Designs and West Side Barbell lifting and training equipment. These brands are very well respected in our industry and have no barriers when hopping the fence into the larger Bodybuilding and Cross-Fit consumer bases. It’s well known that their products are some of the best across the Health & Fitness consumer product world. American Power Gear was searching high and low to find a sports supplement brand that met these same brand standards and that could perform well in our distribution channels.

Finding the right brand proved to be difficult. The massive Sports & Nutrition Supplement business is very competitive and largely comprised of brands, both big and small, that stock private label formulas from three large manufacturers. There is not a lot of passion behind these brands and most of the products are the same but with different labels. I believe the motto in the supplement world is “how can we bottle it cheaper?” This didn’t excite APG, we wanted a company that stood behind its product, was passionate, and was in a position to create a strong business relationship.  


We saw this potential in SSP during the Orlando Powerlifting competition. Their customers clearly loved the products and SSP was having fun explaining their brand. They believed in it. They were mixologists, they knew their blends and most shockingly, they knew their ingredients. SSP had the passion and intellect we wanted from any business partner. We found that the SSP Brand and products were top-shelf and we envisioned it being another Inzer type of brand that appeals to everyone. Powerlifters are hard customers to please and if you can make a product they like, then the greater Health & Fitness industry will follow. SSP has a strong following with Powerlifters. It did not take us very long to see the great potential SSP possessed.

From its scientific approach to supplements to its management team, APG likes everything about SSP. We very excited to be working with SSP and we look forward to being a part of their team as they continue to build something great for the entire Health & Fitness community.

Parker Douglass

Managing Member

American Power Gear

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