SSP Nutrition Announces $4,500 in Prize Money, 2017 Arnold Sports Festival

SSP Nutrition Announces $4,500 in Prize Money, 2017 Arnold Sports Festival

SP NUTRITION Announces $4,500 in Prize Money!

2017 SSP Pro Raw Bench Championships, ROGUE Stage, 2017 Arnold Sports Festival!

Saturday, Mar 04
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Arnold Sports Festival
Columbus Convention Center
ROGUE Strength Stage, Ballroom C-Pod

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The 2017 Arnold Sports Festival and the world-renowned Arnold Classic bodybuilding championships will celebrate its 29th Anniversary in 2017 when the four-day health and fitness celebration presents more than 70 sports and events March 2-5, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio.

The Arnold Sports Festival will attract an estimated 200,000 sports and fitness fans to watch 18,000 athletes compete in 70 sports and events, including 16 Olympic events, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus, the Ohio Expo Center and other venues throughout Central Ohio.

The Best to Ever Bench Press-

Jennifer Thompson graces the bench press again this weekend. After going viral in front of millions of viewers on Bleacher Report and other main stream media outlets, Jen takes her legendary talent to the Rogue Strength Stage for the Pro Raw Bench Press. The greatest bencher of all time, Jen is also going to shoot for a new Open World Record bench press as she always does. On a hot streak, I think we are in store for a new IPF World Record and viral performance. 

Jennifer Thompson, (USA, -63kg is quite simply the best raw bench presser, male or female, that has ever lifted in the IPF. She recently benched 144kg/317lb as a lightweight -72kg lifter at the Reykjavik International Games with plenty to spare. She’s nominated in the -63kg class for the Arnold hoping to extend her own single-lift bench press WR currently at 141.5kg/311lb set in Killeen 2016. Thompson will turn 44 this year and keeps getting better and better, an outstanding woman.

Heavy D is here-

2nd only to Jen Thompson in terms of Raw Bench Press wilks, Dennis Cieri has a historic career in both equipped bench press and raw bench press. “Heavy D” will put on a show for all of us again this weekend and don his hot pink custom embroidered bath robe so that we all know when he is up to lift. This 200lb Phenom will out bench most of the big guys with over 500lbs in his hands each lift. He may even try for the Open 93kg World Record. Load the bar, Heavy D is ready folks.

2017 Lifters competing for $4,500 in prize money!

Jennifer Thompson United States Female 63 142

Sarah Bodary United States Female 63 95

Allison Hind United States Female 72 118

Rori Alter United States Female 72 112.5

Tammy Walker United States Female 84 125

Devan Doan-Curley United States Female 84 117.5

Jeff Cohen United States Male 66 158

Steven Gassert United States Male 66 127.5

Charlie Paige United States Male 74 185

Brandon Maddox United States Male 74 193.5

Todd Talford United States Male 83 195

Ryan Baylark United States Male 83 192.5

David Boutsomsy United States Male 83 180

Dennis Cieri United States Male 93 233

LS Mcclain United States Male 93 227.5

Joe Hardy United States Male 105 220

Collin Whitney United States Male 105 197.5

David Doan United States Male 120 220

Shane Martin Canada Male 120 211

Clint Poore United States Male 120 207.5

Thomas Davis United States Male 120+ 282.5

Christian Wackernell Austria Male 120+ 280

Jaisyn Mike United States Male 120+ 260

Kelly Branton Canada Male 120+ 256

Beau Moore United States Male 120+ 255

Alvin Roswell United States Male 120+ 235

Joe Dibert United States Male 120+ 227

Dominic Sirianni United States Male 120+ 215

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