SSP Success Story:  Achieving goals after 50 years!

SSP Success Story: Achieving goals after 50 years!

SSP Success Story: Achieving goals after 50 years!

NAME: Tony A

AGE: 74

Gender: Male

Location: Tampa Bay, FL

Q: What made you start using SSP Products?

I wanted to lose weight using healthy products approved by my physician, improve my overall health, and lose 25 pounds.

Q: What are your strength training and fitness goals?

My goal is to weigh 180 pounds by June 1st, 2017. The last time I weighed 180 pounds was in the army over 50 years ago.

Q: How long have you been exercising? What type of weight training do you do? How often?

I have been exercising for six months. I work out in my home three days per week. Each session lasts about 90 minutes. I use free weights, floor exercises, and body movements (push-ups & sit-ups)

Q: What SSP products do you take? How do they benefit you in achieving your goals?

I have been using the SSP PRE, POST, LEAN MUSCLE MEAL, THERMO-9. Along with the overall nutritional benefits of the SSP products, The PRE gives me great energy and stamina, the POSTS reduces my muscle soreness, and the Lean Muscle Meal is a healthy afternoon snack that delivers the protein my body needs.

Q: How has your body / strength changed since taking SSP Nutrition products?

(this is a before picture weighing an additional 17 pounds)

  • I lost 17 pounds while increasing my strength in all exercises
  • My cholesterol and blood pressure has drastically declined
  • I have tripled the number of reps I can perform
  • I have increased the amount of weight I lift
  • I feel much stronger and leaner

My health and weight is equal to it was in the 1970’s before gaining weight.

Please list your starting, current and goal body weight:

Taking SSP Nutrition “The System” for six months

Starting Weight: 205

Current Weight: 188

Goal: 180

Q: When was the last time you were at your goal weight?

1962 (54 years ago)

General Comments:

I have tried other products over the years and none have lived up to their claims. SSP Nutrition has delivered more than promised, and I feel safe with my physician approving the products I take. I feel great about myself. I am healthy, fit, and much more active. After decades of unsuccessful attempts, I am now accomplishing my fitness goals!

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