SSP Success Story: Augment Your Lifestyle!

SSP Success Story: Augment Your Lifestyle!

Name: Anthony C

Age: 43

Location: River Edge, NJ

Occupation: Entrepreneur 

Tell me a little about yourself

I’m a husband, father, brother, business owner. I volunteer at my local hospital. I volunteer at my church. I do triathlons, marathons, and tennis tournaments.

As a business owner, how do you regiment yourself to exercise?

It’s part of my everyday schedule. For me, I look at it as minimal as working up a crazy sweat to playing an hour of tennis or going for a walk for an hour.

Tell me about your business.

As you know, I’m in the adult movie business… (laughs). In all seriousness though, I own an entertainment company, going on 25 years of business. We do everything from video/photo, DJ’s, to outdoor movie theater rentals.

Do you find that your training helps you with your daily activities?

Absolutely, because if you don’t use it you lose it. So, being physically fit is important not only to be ready for athletic competitions but just helping me through the day. In my line of work, often times, I am on my feet for as much as 12 hours a day. So being fit pays off.

Tell me about your big bike ride last year.

So, I took my tricycle out… (laughs). For those that are not into cycling, The Gran Fondo is the largest, most popular cycling race on the East Coast. It is one leg of a Tour de France. It starts off at the George Washington Bridge in May. The bridge gets blocked off at 5am and about 5,000 riders congregate and they ride 100 miles up mountainous terrains and cliffs.

Everyone who does that particular race is in really good shape. I had to train for about 3 months for it. It was the hardest race I’ve ever done in my entire life. Out of 5,000 riders, I was one of maybe 3 that used a commuter bike, not a racing bike. A commuter bike has fatter tires, no clip; making it much harder to race. I deserve an extra award for that (laughs).

When did you discover SSP?

I discovered SSP about a year ago when a friend introduced me to it. I initially liked the taste, thought it was good stuff. I use it as a supplement in addition to my good eating habits. I find that it helps me do the tasks I wanna do a little more efficiently. I recover quickly. I’m able to last longer as far as tennis and cycling. I don’t burn out as quick so I can do a 20 mile bike ride. I bounce back a lot faster and I attribute that to the SSP brand.

Which products do you use?

I use the PRE and the POST.

What advice do you have to other busy entrepreneurs and business owners on staying fit?

First and foremost, SSP in my opinion, is something that anyone can take. You don't have to be doing triathlons, you don't have to be the most elite athlete in the world, you don't have to be an NBA ball player. SSP can be good for anyone who wants to be fit and stay healthy. If you're just someone who walks everyday or goes to the gym every other day, I think this is something good. I don’t look at it as, "YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE OLYMPICS." You don't have to be going to the Olympics. This is something that an everyday person, like myself can use to augment an already healthy lifestyle.

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