Teenage Sensation Breaks American Record!

Teenage Sensation Breaks American Record!

10/22/17.  Kloie Doublin. A senior at Franklin Community High School, delivered another incredible performance at the 2017 USA Raw National Powerlifting Championships in Orlando, FL.

Kloie trained for seven weeks using SSP’s “THE SYSTEM” www.SSPNutrition.com to supplement her training with coach Jeremy Hartman https://www.facebook.com/HartmanPerformanceTraining/

“Not only was it my first time in the Primetime, but it was also my first time competing in the Open division. I am thrilled to continue my journey competing in this division as well as the Teen 3 and Junior divisions in the future”.

While only lifting for four years and competing for three years, Kloie completed the following lifts:

Squat: 172.5kg/380lbs

Bench: 105kg/231lbs

Deadlift: 202.5kg/446lbs

@ 71.88kg/158lbs bodyweight

Doublin’s totals were enough to make her not only the teenage national champion (ages 18 to 19), but also the junior national champion (ages 20 to 23). She placed third overall in the 72-kilogram weight class of the open division, trailing only the significantly more experienced Kimberly Walford and Chelsea Savit, and won the Best Teenage Female Lifter award for posting the best ratio of weight lifted to body weight across all classes. 

Doublin’s squat established a new American record!

“From those lifts, I was awarded a Gold Medal in the Teen 3 division and a Bronze Medal in the Open Division as well as the Teen Female Best Lifter Award. In addition, I beat everyone in the Junior Division for the Junior World Team spot and will proudly represent USAPL in Calgary for the International Powerlifting Federation’s World Classic Championships”.

As a drug-free athlete in the USA Powerlifting federation, Kloie is required to adhere to the 2017 WADA Prohibited List: https://www.wada-ama.org/en


Kloie used a three-tier supplement series provided by SSP Nutrition. These formulas comprise of a PRE-Workout Formula that provides safe and natural supplementation to hydrate, enhance energy levels and prevent burning coveted muscle during her workouts. The PRE-Workout formula keeps the athlete hydrated to maintain lower body temperatures thus postponing fatigue and resulting in maximum workout periods with greater intensity. The PRE-Workout formula is loaded with a 5 gram mega-dose of BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids). Research has shown that taking essential amino acids before a workout dramatically increases muscle protein synthesis and anabolism; increasing energy levels and the intensity of your workouts.

Immediately after training, Kloie consumed SSP’s POST-Workout Formula to immediately scavenge free radicals, repair muscle cells and enhance growth potential during this critical and short lived “anabolic window”. The POST formula replenishes muscle cells with the most scientifically advanced blend of effective nutrients.

Kloie also took advantage of SSP’s Lean Muscle Meal Formula for her nutritional intake. Muscles maintain remarkable growth potential long after a workout. The LEAN MUSCLE MEAL -Workout formula is a low-calorie, lean muscle stimulator allowing muscles to continue on the anabolic path up until the next workout, enabling the protein synthesis cycle of lean muscle building to continue.

Though she had been hoping to get up to 248 pounds on the bench — a mark she had just missed at the IPF World Championships this past summer — she was pleased overall with her performance and excited about getting to compete with some of the best lifters in the world outside of her age group.

“I thought it was really, really fun to be in the prime time and competing with the top girls.” Doublin said

Up next for Doublin will be the Arnold Sports Festival next March in Columbus, Ohio. She also will be returning to the IPF Worlds, which will be held next summer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"I learned so much from this Nationals and am ready to take what I have learned to come back stronger than ever at the Arnold Sports Festival this winter”.

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