Testimonial: Janice Woerner, insulin dependent diabetic, "I love the new SSP PRE Formula".

Janice Woerner, insulin dependent diabetic, "I love the new SSP PRE Formula".

Her testimonial: "two years ago, I joined Energy Fitness of Fort Salonga in an effort to get into shape. I began my fitness journey by working with my personal trainer, Russ Bostock. The effort I put into my workouts began to show and Russ encouraged me to try power-lifting. So, less than one year ago at the age of 56, I started to learn about and train for power-lifting competitions. I have never considered my age a disadvantage; however power-lifting training for a Master lifter with insulin dependent diabetes is no easy feat.

As the intensity of my training increased, I noticed a few months ago that not only was my post workout recovery suffering, but managing and keeping my blood sugars where they needed to be before, during and after my training sessions became very difficult. At this point something needed to change, so I decided to try using nutritional supplements to see if they would help.

After doing some research on nutritional supplement products, I decided to try SSP Nutrition’s "The System". I chose SSP because The System is banned substance free and it is easy to use. Since using the System, not only has managing my diabetes during training improved tremendously, there is a noticeable improvement of my ability to handle and recover from more intense workouts. My training is now back on track, and I look forward to meeting my training goals and competing in upcoming power-lifting competitions. SSP’s "The System" is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it.

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