Two World Champions Defend Their Titles & Bring Home The Gold

Two World Champions Defend Their Titles & Bring Home The Gold

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Two long time friends and World Champions Dennis Cieri and Jennifer Thompson traveled to Vaanta, Finland to compete in the 2018 IPF World Classic Bench Press Championships.  They both came home with the GOLD!!!

The American Team had an amazing showing, bringing home a total of four gold medals, three silver medals, three bronze medals, many personal bests, and world records for Jennifer Weed Thompson and Thomas TD Davis. "All of our lifters performed tremendously. I feel very blessed to coach this team", said coach Bill Hennessey.  

Jennifer Thompson won her 6th IPF Bench Press Title and secured a new IPF World Bench Record of 317.5 lbs.


Dennis Cieri remains undefeated in his weight class after 32 years and added yet another IPF gold medal for the books, pressing 491 lbs at 202 body weight. 


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