Ultimate Playlist For The Gym, Training Using SSP Nutrition

Ultimate Playlist For The Gym, Training Using SSP Nutrition


Ultimate Playlist For The Gym: DJ Lodato (Sponsored) w SSP Nutrition

If you are on the hunt for a mind-blowing workout, there are several factors you must consider. First, what are you listening to? And second, how do you supplement? Having a dynamic playlist can influence your heart rate, concentration, and how effectively you work out. Using SSP Nutrition will also help address the energy your body needs before, during and after your workout. When used in combination, a mind-blowing workout is not hard to reach.

I start my workout by stretching to DJ Lodato’s tracks “Older” and “One Way Out,” co-produced with Queens-based talent Joseph Duveen. I use PRE-Workout Formula by SSP Nutrition to generate momentum with its powerful formula. Major labels such as Overdrive, Atlantic Records, and Interscope have picked up Lodato’s music. In his recent track, “Older,” you can reach for those toes and eternal youth as the words, “never get older…” play in your headphones to remind you why you’re at the gym.

As your workout out shifts to strength training, reach for DJ Lodato’s new single “Breathe Again.” Lodato co-produced this song with Joseph Duveen featuring Brooklyn’s new hot vocalist Jaclyn Walker. Not only will this remind you to “Breathe Again,” helping to regulate your heartrate and bring oxygen to your muscles, but it’s also the perfect tempo to pump some iron.

Rising toward the top ranks of the electronic dance music scene, Lodato and Joseph Duveen offer the perfect selection of music to begin and end your workout the right way. After breaking down your muscles, it is now time to consume a POST-Workout Formula by SSP Nutrition to immediately scavenge free radicals, repair your damaged muscle cells and enhance your growth potential during this critical and short lived “anabolic window.” Fueled with high-octane energy and high frequency sound waves, the production quality is unrivaled. If you visit sspnutrition.com enter the code “FitDeals” for an additional discount.

We are not finished yet. Proper supplementation should continue past the workout. The SSP Nutrition LEAN MUSCLE MEAL-Workout Formula is a low calorie, lean muscle stimulator that contains vital time-released nutrients that open the anabolic window for the body.

This is the future of music that makes you move. Keep your ears open and your muscles active. “Breathe Again” is now available for download and stream here. Find Lodato’s instagram @Djlodato.

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