What are the benefits of Glycerol?

What are the benefits of Glycerol?


When administered orally, glycerol has a hydrating/dehydrating effect. This is based on the fact that glycerol has an ability to hold onto water, glycerol can actually absorb so much moisture that mold growths can develop unless an antiseptic is added along with the softening agent! Glycerol's water binding ability helps keep bars soft and also may be of benefit to endurance athletes and bodybuilders alike.

Endurance athletes can utilize glycerol in conjunction with extra water prior to an event in order to support hydration and therefore enhance performance. The recommended dosage for accomplishing "super-hydration" range varies and each individual should experiment sufficiently prior to use during competition. For reference, start with approximately 1-gram glycerol per kilogram body weight along with an additional 1.5L - 2.0L of water, consumed 1-4 hours prior to the event.

Interestingly bodybuilders might consider taking glycerol prior to their stage appearance in lower dosages without consuming the additional water to "dry out". Leaving the water out of the equation may cause a shift of existing body water temporarily out of the tissues and into the blood.

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