Young High School Star Excels in Major Competition

Young High School Star Excels in Major Competition

complete article:   By Ryan O'Leary -  3/4/18 10:12 PM

In yet another battle for the ages, Kloie Doublin comes out victorious once again in her first professional competition.  Competing against the best power-lifters of all weights and ages in a pro invitational for the first time, Kloie Doublin left little doubt that she belonged on the big stage.

Doublin posted a career-best total of 1,096 pounds across the squat, bench and dead-lift, winning her weight class Saturday in the open division and finishing near the top of the entire field in the SBD Pro American Invitational at the Arnold USA Power-lifting Championships at the Columbus (Ohio) Convention Center.

“It was a really awesome day,” she said of her experience.  The Franklin Community High School senior unofficially tied the world record for her weight class (72 kilograms/158 pounds) by squatting 396 pounds, and she added a 248-pound bench press and a 452-pound dead-lift to secure victory. 

Her bench, dead-lift and total weight 

all established new American junior records

Doublin completed her final dead-lift with ease, leading to speculation that she could have done more — but she said that “we just wanted to walk it in” and lock up the win in her division.

Her performance left her ranked No. 1 worldwide in her weight class among junior girls (23 and under) heading into this year’s International Power-lifting Federation World Championships, which will take place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in June. While training for that event, she’ll also be competing in track for the Grizzly Cubs.

Also competing at the Arnold was Franklin grad Shelby Miles, who was making her pro debut at the SSP Nutrition Raw Bench Championships. Miles put up 226 and 237 pounds on her first two lifts, then came up just short in her attempt to lift 254 pounds on her last round.

Kloie went 9/9 on all her attempts and did not miss a single lift. Kloie even had to perform a re-lift with limited time due to a spotter touching her bench press bar before a judge gave a verbal command to do so. Very few lifters have ever been able to come back on a re-lift attempt and successfully make it. This is due in part to the time given for proper recovery for a maximum weight attempted again, and the energy needed to calm down and focus back up for an additional attempt.

Official Stats:

  • Kloie weighed in at 158lbs
  • Squat: 396lbs. New unofficial world record for girls age 23 years old and under!
  • Bench Press: 248lbs. *A spotter at the meet touched her bar as it was moving up before a judge signaled to do so. Kloie had the option to do a re-lift with only a 5 minute break. We decided to take the re-lift and with the crowd going crazy, she nailed it even better than before!!!
  • Deadlift: 451lbs. - Kloie had much more left in her, but we needed 451 to secure the win set some records.
  • Total - 1,096 - New un-official world record. Kloie now has the highest total in the world for girls age 23 and under in the 158lbs. weight class. She has now moved ahead of her main competitors from Canada and Ireland who "borrowed" her previous world record total and lifts for a few months prior to this competition.

Shelby Miles, competed in the female professional bench press only competition. She was able to bench press 237lbs. and just came up short with 254lbs. Shelby was the youngest female professional bench press competitor and did not disappoint with her performance.

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