About SSP Nutrition and THE SYSTEM™



Formulated By Multi-Time I.P.F. World Champion And Lifetime Drug-Free Athlete, Dennis Cieri…Taking The Guesswork Out Of Supplementation

The over-saturated market of sports supplements can be overwhelming for individuals who want to maximize their workouts or physical activity. Through all of the “take this here, not this there, and add this to that, but not too much” an athlete can easily be confused and discouraged as to where to even begin with supplementation. Well worry no more, the answer has arrived: THE SYSTEM™ by SSP Nutrition Inc. 

THE SYSTEM™ has been formulated specifically to maximize performance, accelerate recovery, and increase overall health and wellbeing. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or simply want to boost your workouts, THE SYSTEM™ is the answer for you. Simply put, it is the most effective and straightforward supplementation program available. THE SYSTEM™ contains three easy to use formulas: PRE, POST & LEAN MUSCLE MEAL. These safe and effective formulas meet the dynamic nutritional demands of all athletes. Much has been said of THE SYSTEM™, but you might be asking yourself, ‘what is this revolutionary approach to sports nutrition?’ This website will take you through the science of THE SYSTEM™ and each of the three products in detail. 

THE SYSTEM™ is formulated with the highest integrity; IOC compliant, manufactured in an NSF certified facility; and conforms with WADA (world anti-doping agency) requirements as per the "Prohibited List" last published January, 2017. 

“…The exciting new science of Nutrient Timing will enable you to achieve more dramatic results in muscle growth and strength than you ever thought possible. Nutrient Timing will enable you to minimize muscle damage and soreness after a hard workout, and your "plateau phenomenon" will become just a bad memory. By applying the principles of Nutrient Timing, you can actually sculpt a better body with more lean muscle, less fat, and more strength and endurance without changing your exercise program or even your total caloric intake.” 
Nutrient Timing by John Ivy, Ph.D & Robert Portman, Ph.D 

"…Studies have shown that weight-trained subjects taking a protein, carbohydrate, and creatine shake immediately pre- and post-workout for 10 weeks experienced an 80 percent greater increase in lean muscle mass and about a 30 percent greater increase in muscle strength than subjects taking the same supplements in the morning and at night. The pre-and-post group also lost body fat, whereas the morning-and-night group didn't. The pre-and-post group also showed significantly higher muscle glycogen levels, which is critical for performance and muscle growth". 
Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., Apr 29, 2016